About Me


I Love where I live

Todd Wright is the owner and inspector for Wright Home Inspection located in Durango, Colorado. A native of Colorado, Todd and his family have lived in Durango since 1996. He attended the University of Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in English and soon thereafter moved to the southwest of Colorado for the recreation lifestyle and beauty which Durango provides.



I have performed over 4000 inspections in the Durango area since 2005 with 20 years of building experience. I have been a cabinet maker, built solariums, worked with Durango contractors, worked on Durango Schools, built new homes, log homes, remodeled homes, and I am still active in construction. I attended the Inspection Training Associates School for home inspection and trained with two seasoned home inspectors in the Denver area.  My backround gives me the knowledge and competence needed to perform a comprehensive home inspection. 


Durango and the southwest is a beautiful area providing recreation and community. In his spare time, Todd and his family enjoy river trips, biking, skiing, and travel. The surrounding mountains and desert provide ample opportunities for plenty of activities.